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Tips To Effectively Manage Your Ceramic Braces Treatment

Tips To Effectively Manage Your Ceramic Braces Treatment

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way from using traditional metal braces to ceramic braces in aligning the patients’ teeth. Both methods function the same way in correcting misaligned teeth and closing gaps. However, this innovation has encouraged more patients to undergo the treatment without feeling awkward when they smile. How come?

Orthodontists use smaller, clear ceramic brackets to cause the patient’s teeth to move. They attach these brackets to the surface of the teeth. Also, they use non-metallic archwires and white or clear ligatures for a discreet appearance. Patients can choose their archwires to be colored frost, silver or white so they blend naturally with the rest of their teeth. Having said this, patients can freely smile and talk without feeling conscious when they wear clear bracket braces.

The ceramic braces procedure promises a better teeth alignment after 18 to 36 months as the maximum treatment period. If you are considering to undergo this procedure, consider these tips to effectively manage the treatment and ensure success.

How to effectively manage your ceramic braces treatment


Refrain from consuming foods that cause stains.

It may be hard for you to resist colored drinks, yet, it’s good refrain from these during your treatment. Drinking coffee, tea, and soda may be a part of your daily routine, yet, you have to cut back on those. Moreover, reduce your consumption on colored foods such as tomatoes, strawberries, and mustard. They highly stain your ceramic braces which would affect its appearance. Try to consume food alternatives that are still rich in vitamins for a balanced diet. When you can’t help yourself in consuming these, make sure to brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after.

Stop smoking.

ceramic braces procedure

This habit does not go well with your treatment, more so to your health. Nicotine found in cigarettes cause deep stains to your teeth, clear bracket braces and ligatures. Furthermore, this will affect your gum health which is very important for the success of your treatment. Smoking will negate your purpose of aligning your teeth, having healthier gums, and achieving better oral health. Your dentist will need your cooperation on this before you start your ceramic braces procedure.

Visit your dentist regularly.

Another aspect that you need to comply is to regularly visit your dentist. He has to meet you at least once a month for him to closely monitor the progress of your dental treatment. Not only that, he also ensures that you’re on track with your ceramic braces treatment plan. Every visit, he changes your orthodontic bands to push your teeth. Also, he changes your archwires periodically as they may wear and tear over time. These will enforce your teeth to move into the right direction for you to have better alignment and occlusion. Needless to say, having regular appointments with your dentist helps you manage your oral health throughout the treatment.

Practice oral hygiene.

You may have maintained good oral care prior to your ceramic braces procedure. There’s no way you’re stopping that good oral habit. However, this time, you have to be more cautious in cleaning your teeth. Your dentist will also recommend you to use dental tools to help you brush and floss more effectively with braces. He will also recommend you to use a mouthwash that you can swish at least twice a day. Over time, your ceramic brackets get stained with poor oral hygiene. While the clear bands connecting the ceramic braces easily get stained, they are regularly changed every dental visit. Yet, make sure to diligently clean your teeth everyday to prevent them from staining before your next orthodontic appointment.

Not everyone needs to know that you’re serious about aligning your teeth for a better smile. Keep your treatment in a subtle way by choosing ceramic braces in Toronto, Ontario.

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