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Experience Precision Dental Treatment With Laser Dentistry

laser dentistry

Experience Precision Dental Treatment With Laser Dentistry

Dental treatments and procedures are often perceived as painful and intolerable until laser dentistry changed the game. The laser technology uses a focused light beam that targets the treatment area with utmost precision. Also, it’s programmed to accurately perform the necessary procedure without using traditional dental tools.

Dentists need to undergo extensive training before they can use laser treatment into their practice. As a result, their patients experience a more comfortable treatment and speedy recovery.

Common laser dentistry treatments


Deep dental cleaning

This type of dental cleaning is recommended for patients with periodontal disease. It’s an advanced gum disease caused by plaque buildup and characterized by inflamed or receding gums. During laser dental cleaning, patients no longer hear the drilling noise when their plaque and tartar deposits are being removed. Laser does the work in cleaning the surfaces of the teeth and reaching into the deep gum pockets. During the treatment process, the gums are sterilized. Therefore, reinfection is less likely to occur. Furthermore, the gums heal faster and they reattach to the teeth in a shorter period following the procedure. Due to the precision of the treatment, there is less damage on your teeth and gums.

Gum contouring surgery

Cosmetic dentists also use laser dentistry in performing surgical procedures such as gum reshaping and contouring. They use this method to remove excess gums or correct the gum line. Most patients with a gummy smile are recommended for this procedure. Surprisingly, sutures are no longer needed because of laser technology.

Meanwhile, this procedure is also considered a treatment for patients with gum disease. Interestingly, laser detects diseased and healthy gums. It removes diseased gum tissues and kills bacteria while the healthy tissues are not compromised.

Laser teeth whitening

laser dental cleaning

When patients come for consultation and seek for teeth whitening treatment, they always prefer to get instant results. However, they are yet to undergo laser dental cleaning prior to the teeth whitening procedure. This step ensures that the patient’s teeth and gums are free from cavities and plaque. Then they are scheduled for another appointment for teeth bleaching.

Laser teeth whitening procedure has never been so fast. In less than an hour, patients get whiter teeth of up to 10 times than the original shade. Hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to the patient’s teeth and laser light activates the whitening properties of the solution. Laser speeds up the process of teeth bleaching, giving the patient an instant whiter smile.

Root canal treatment

Laser dentistry is also instrumental to endodontists who incorporate laser in performing root canal therapy. This treatment is intended for patients with infected tooth roots. The laser light effectively removes and kills bacteria in the root canals and its surrounding area. Laser works with precision in a way that it only targets the diseased tissues and not the healthy ones. Meanwhile, laser dental cleaning can be incorporated with this treatment to ensure that the patient’s teeth are safe from infection.

Modern technology has surely affected the way dental services are delivered to patients. Dental practitioners are able to give excellent dental services through the use of laser technology. It’s time for you to take advantage of this in keeping an excellent oral health. See your Toronto dentist today and experience a painless and precise laser dental treatment.

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