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General Dentistry: Comprehensive Service For Your Dental Needs

General Dentistry

General Dentistry: Comprehensive Service For Your Dental Needs

Have you visited a dental clinic that specializes in general dentistry and offers most of the dental services? This dental clinic provides different services such as an oral prophylaxis, dental crown, root canal treatment, and an implant surgery. However, since some clinics also focus on their area of specialization, it’s important that you know which clinic has a general dentist. Additionally, you may visit your Toronto dentist to check what dental services he provides for his patients.

General dentistry services

Here are a few of the general dental services that your dentist in Toronto offers.

Dental cleanings and checkup

If you’re new to the clinic, your dentist will perform a dental checkup and evaluate your oral health. He usually performs a visual check for decay, gum disease and infections. He will take a digital X-ray of your teeth for a thorough examination. Routine cleaning is also necessary to ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy. He will keep a record of your dental and medical history to ensure the services you’ll get suit your needs.

Tooth extractions

A general dental clinic offers tooth extraction its patients. In essence, this is a fundamental treatment in general dentistry. Although every dentist does not encourage tooth removal, he performs this procedure when the tooth could no longer be salvaged. Furthermore, you’ll also seek for his advice on the best restorative treatment option to replace your lost tooth. One you  have fully recovered from the extraction, you may choose to undergo an implant surgery or have dentures.

Dental fillings

Tooth decay is a common type of concern for most patients. This is one of the major reasons why patients need general dental services such as dental fillings. During a dental checkup, your dentist will check for issues such as decay and cavities. Once he identifies the tooth that needs treatment, he will clean it thoroughly and remove the decay. Afterwards, he will put a dental filling material to protect the tooth.

general dental services

Gum disease treatment

Your gum health is also an important factor to stay orally healthy. Gingivitis and periodontitis are types of gum disease that lead to other dental problems when left untreated. Essentially, there are general dentistry services such as bone grafting and gum pocket surgery to treat an advanced gum disease. If you notice that you have swollen and tender gums, you must inform your general dentist at once. Early detection of gum disease is a huge factor in reversing its effects rather than having to go through an invasive procedure.

Dental implants

Tooth loss is a situation that most patients avoid, hence, they practice good oral hygiene to prevent it. However, dental injuries or severe decay may have lead you to lose a tooth or two. An immediate replacement is necessary to prevent your other teeth from shifting. A restorative procedure such as an implant surgery will fill the gap, prevent teeth movement, and maintain the alignment. The beauty of having a dental implant is that it’s permanent and feels like a natural tooth.

Halitosis treatment

Halitosis or bad breath is yet another common problem that most patients are shy to admit. However, they may be caught in an awkward situation when this condition is not treated immediately. Other health conditions like diabetes, liver diseases and kidney disease can also result in halitosis. This is why it is important to have a proper diagnosis of this condition to know what’s causing it. With the help of dental professionals, you are not only putting a band-aid solution to halitosis. They will be able to provide you with specific ways on how you can cure this condition.

General dental services aim to provide you with the utmost dental care. Your general dentist is always available to cater to your dental issues and concerns. Visit his dental clinic today and let him help you manage your oral health.

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