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Laser Dentistry

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Laser Dentistry

Like other experts in our field, we have been using lasers in our dental practice for many years. Although lasers were not even used by dentists until 1994, the two decades of their use in dentistry has progressed rapidly. In real-world terms, the years that have passed since the introduction of laser dentistry have allowed us to complete extensive training and gain valuable experience in the use of these extraordinary dental tools.

Providing Deeper Cleanings

We use lasers to clean your teeth if you have an excessive amount of plaque and tartar buildup on them. Lasers allow us to reach into tiny pockets of your gums to prevent gum disease from taking hold in your mouth. In addition, the deep cleaning we give you can help you avoid cavities and other damaging dental problems.

Replacing the Dental Drill in Tooth Preparation

A part of many dental procedures involves preparing the tooth. We use lasers to remove decayed portions of your teeth and prepare their surface to accept any fillings we need to insert. After the filling is put into place, we can use the laser to harden the filling to make it more durable. When we choose the laser over the drill, we are making your visit more comfortable and relaxing.

Treating Gum Disease

We use the laser to treat gum disease in two primary ways. First, we can remove tartar and plaque that is nearer to the surface of your gums. Second, we can use them to remove bacteria during dental procedures such as root canals. In addition to these gum disease treatments, we can use this powerful tool to restore your gums to their best condition afterwards.

Whitening Teeth

Our in-office teeth-whitening brings the most satisfying results for a more beautiful smile. While you are here in our office, we apply a special whitening gel to your teeth. At this point, laser dentistry comes into the teeth-whitening process. We direct the laser’s light to your teeth. The light accelerates the whitening, making it possible for you to leave with teeth as many as 10 shades lighter within an hour’s time.

Taking Tissue for Biopsies

If you have a potentially dangerous problem with your teeth, you will want competent and advanced care to protect your health. We can use the laser to remove tissue that we can then send off to a lab for analysis. The laser makes the removal process quick, easy and comfortable for you. At the same time, its precision ensures that we get the exact tissue needed to assess your situation.

Removing Lesions

Some lesions are signs of serious oral disease. Others, like canker sores, are more annoying than dangerous. In either case, we can recommend the best way to remove the lesion. In many cases, we can remove it using our most high-tech laser to ensure that we take off every bit of the lesion. At the same time, the procedure is so precise that you never have to worry that the surrounding tissue will be damaged.

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