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Kavo Key 3 Laser

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Laser dentistry just got better with the development of the KaVo Key 3 Laser. We use this laser in our office for a variety of dental procedures. The KaVo Key 3 is a technologically advanced tool that helps us treat your teeth quickly, painlessly and effectively.

Uses Advanced Technology

Our KaVo Key 3 Lasers are superior to older dental lasers in several ways. They do their work with significantly less heat. The pulse rate of these drills is extremely fast. In fact, it is so fast that your nerves have such a short amount of time to react to the treatment. What does all this mean to you? It means that you feel comfortable throughout the treatment and do not even notice any pain.

Treats a Wide Range of Dental Problems

We have replaced traditional dental tools with the KaVo Key 3 Laser for many dental procedures. Some of the treatments we accomplish with the KaVo Key include root canals, scaling and planing to deep clean teeth, and many other dental treatments.

Cleans Teeth More Thoroughly

We use the KaVo Key 3 Laser to deep-clean your teeth. The laser can reach into tiny pockets of your gums. This allows us to clean out not only rotting food, plaque and tartar, but also the harmful bacteria that hide on the surfaces of your teeth that are hard for you to see and clean properly during your daily dental hygiene routine.

Cuts Down on Drilling

With the KaVo Key 3 Laser, we can do much of the work that we once did with drills. As a result, you get a much more comfortable experience. In addition, we cut down the amount of time you spend listening to the often unsettling sounds of a traditional dental drill.

Increases Precision

Our lasers are precise. Unlike old lasers, the KaVo Key 3 finely pinpoints the treatment area. Because of this, your dentist can give you more accurate care and better protect the soft tissues of your mouth. This is just one of the many ways we keep you safe while giving you the most advanced dental treatments available.

Requires Extensive Training and Expertise

Because the KaVo Key 3 Laser is a relatively new technology, to many dental problems and challenges, dentists need extensive training to use it properly. Our dentist has gone through all the recommended training for the device and continues with ongoing education to keep up with the latest uses for this laser. You can rely on us to do the work you need done for more accurate results and a more comfortable experience.

Eliminates Over-Treatment

Our laser gives instant feedback to your dentist, allowing us to determine the progress of the treatment at any given moment. This means that your dentist always gets the exact amount of plaque and tartar that is on your teeth and then knows when the job is finished. This is a vast improvement over old lasers, which could allow dentists to over-treat your teeth without realizing the treatment was completed.

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