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Digital X-Rays

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At our dental office, we use digital x-rays to examine your teeth more thoroughly than we ever could before. Taking x-rays this way is not only more precise, but it is the preferred method for dental diagnosis. The procedure is more comfortable and less time-consuming for you. At the same time, you get high-quality care for your dental needs based on detailed and accurate images of your teeth.

A More Comfortable Process

Remember the days when you had to hold sharp pieces of dental film between your teeth so your dentist could take x-rays? The process was very uncomfortable and took a relatively long time to complete. Digital x-rays are much more comfortable for you. Instead of bulky film, we insert a dental probe into your mouth. As we continue with the x-rays, we move the probe around a bit to get a full view of your teeth. We get your x-rays quickly and with less pain or discomfort for you.

Accurate Results

Digital x-rays give your dentist a much more accurate picture of your teeth and bone. The high resolution images allow us to see all the fine details to assess your exact dental condition. Because we can be confident we are seeing your mouth as it truly is, we are able to make better recommendations for your dental care. With this information at hand, we can successfully treat your dental health and cosmetic problems.

Low Radiation Exposure

Digital x-rays provide accurate results while decreasing your exposure to radiation. The radiation dose you received with traditional x-rays was high enough to be a health concern. The radiation protection aprons we use when taking your digital x-rays further reduces the amount of radiation to keep you safer.

No Wait-Time for Processing

We have the results of your dental x-rays immediately after we take them. It works just like the digital camera you use to take vacation photos and action snapshots. Digital x-rays do not have film, so you never have to wait while a technician develops the image. We know immediately if we have the views we need. We check the views very quickly and take any additional x-rays we need with no wait-time involved.

Quickly Available Information for You and Your Dentist

The information from your x-rays is quickly available. The probe for the dental x-rays is connected to a computer so we can see the problems immediately. With these instantaneous results, your dentist can get right to the business of analyzing your dental situation.

You See What Your Dentist Sees

The images created when we take your x-rays are displayed on a monitor where you can see them. You get to see the full-color, 3-D pictures for yourself. At the same time, your dentist can show you any dental problems you have and the overall condition of your mouth. We help you see clearly what services you need and why they can help you achieve maximum oral health and attractiveness.

Modern, Digital Paperless Office

Our office is a digital, paperless office. All our records are stored and accessed digitally. All patient information is stored in a paperless system. We store patient charts, files, xrays, impressions and models in digital formats. Convenient storage of patient information means faster access and improves office processes. For patients this not only means faster service, but also better overall care.

Digital Impressions

Our offices use a Carestream Digital CS3600 Scanner for all our impressions. This intraoral scanner takes images needed for a variety of dental restoration treatments. It is designed to make the process easier and more comfortable. The system captures accurate images without causing gagging or discomfort. The user automatically locates areas of the mouth no matter what position the tip is in making it more convenient and comfortable to use. It is more accurate and faster than other imaging methods.

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