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Dental braces


Straight, well-aligned teeth make for a more attractive smile. Yet not everyone enjoys the same genetic gift of teeth they can be proud to show. If your teeth are crooked, crowded or unevenly spaced, it is never too late to correct their alignment. Our dentist can examine your teeth and recommend options for straightening them any time you are ready to improve your smile.

Choosing the Right Braces Solution for Your Needs

Many types of braces are available to suit your unique needs and lifestyle. We help you make sense of the whole range of options and give you all the information you need to make a choice that will work for you. Then, we give a recommendation, explaining each option for correcting your bite and the appearance of your teeth. Possible braces solutions include:

Formulating a Plan for Straightening Your Teeth

During an in-depth consultation, our dentist examines your teeth to find any alignment problems that cause your teeth to be less straight than you would like. We take x-rays to pinpoint the precise points where straightening is most needed. Then, we discuss the options with you before working together to formulate a straightening plan that works for your teeth and your budget.

Fitting Your Braces Precisely to Your Teeth

A dentist who has expert-level training in custom-fitting braces places them on your teeth in the most advantageous way. Our dentist carefully attaches the brackets to the fronts of your teeth to begin the straightening magic. Although the procedure to place the braces can be a bit uncomfortable, our dentists take special care in making your experience as painless and relaxing as possible.

Gently Teaching You to Care for Your Braces and Teeth

No one likes to hear a lecture about how they are going to have a hard time taking care of their teeth. We understand that having braces is a new experience for you. At the same time, we have every confidence that you can take care of your teeth well throughout the time you wear your braces. To help you out, our team gives you meaningful instructions and gentle guidance for keeping your teeth healthy while the braces do their work.

Providing Thorough Checkups and Making Adjustments

You come in for periodic appointments so your dentist can check the tightness of the braces and the condition of your teeth. During this visit, you get to find out just how much the braces are improving your smile. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions that have come up since your last visit. Your dentist tightens the braces as needed, keeping you on track to finish the straightening process as quickly as possible.

Moving Your Teeth into Beautiful Alignment

Our dentist can fit you with braces to gradually move your teeth into perfect alignment. The archwire of the braces puts pressure on your teeth to slowly push them into just the right positions, slowly correcting problems like overbite and crooked or crowded teeth. When your teeth are straightened sufficiently, we remove the braces and uncover your new smile.

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