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Invisalign Teen



Many teens need braces to help straighten their teeth, show off their natural smile and boost their confidence. Invisalign Teen is similar to its adult counterpart, but it is designed specifically for teen use.  The alternative for traditional braces is a series of custom made plastic aligners that work to straighten teeth similarly to traditional metal braces but without the discomfort.

How does Invisalign Teen work?

Dentists will make an impression of the teen’s teeth and then use 3D technology to map how the teeth will respond and move throughout the treatment process. This gives them the information needed to construct the custom-made aligners. Teens will wear the aligners for approximately a year.

The custom-designed aligners fit perfectly to the patient’s teeth and slowly move the teeth into the desired, proper positions. They are worn every day for about 20 to 22 hours and can be removed for eating, playing sports, and for oral hygiene. When desired, the teen may also take the aligners off when they attend special events.

Advantages of Invisalign Teen

There are many advantages for wearers of Invisalign Teen. While wearing the aligners, teens can still maintain an active lifestyle and play sports. They will enjoy being able to smile without worrying about the stigma that is commonly associated with traditional, metal braces.

Another advantage to using Invisalign Teen over traditional braces is the ability to maintain goo d oral hygiene. The aligner can be removed so the teeth can be properly cared for including flossing and brushing. There is also less irritation to the mouth and gums than for those who wear traditional braces.

Traditional braces often require emergency visits to the dentist to repair broken brackets and can cause serious injuries to the mouth during activities. Invisalign Teen provides replacement aligners if one is lost or misplaced and there is no metal to cut up the inside of the mouth making them safer and more comfortable than other options.

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