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Are you concerned that traditional dental braces might damage your teeth or give you an unattractive smile? If so, ask our dentist whether you are a candidate for iBraces also called lingual braces. These light, hidden braces can help your dentist realign your teeth without many of the difficulties associated with metal braces.

 Advantages of iBraces Hidden Braces

When you come into our dental office for an orthodontics evaluation, we discuss a variety of options to realign your teeth, including a new option called iBraces. In a personal dental consultation, we explain their benefits and explain the procedure for placing them on your teeth. These braces have several distinct advantages over traditional braces.

Just a few examples of iBraces’ advantages are that they:

  • Are completely customized to your teeth.
  • Can be placed in less time and necessitate fewer visits while you have them in place.
  • Are hidden in such a way that your front teeth still show.
  • Affect your speech so little that you can talk normally within about 2 weeks.
  • Require virtually the same care as your natural teeth.
  • Eliminate the risk of damage to your teeth that nickel-alloy braces can cause.
  • Do not prevent you from playing any musical instruments.
  • Are a great alternative for people who play contact sports.

iBraces Are Custom-Fitted to Your Teeth

When you arrive for your first dental appointment for iBraces, your dentist makes an exact impression of your natural teeth. A member of our dental team scans images of the impressions into a computer so a lab technician can create iBraces for your teeth using precise robotic technology. It takes about 6 weeks for the lab to complete this process.

Get Ready for Fast and Pain-Free Placement

Getting your iBraces put into place is a quick and easy process when you choose our dental office for the procedure. Because they are custom-fitted, your doctor can place these hidden braces on your teeth for an accurate fit. However, any dentist must do this procedure with incredible precision. Our dentists have extra training and are experienced in placing iBraces. Most people have no pain at all with this procedure. Your dentist then cements them into position, and you are ready to go.

iBraces May Be Your Ideal Solution to Misaligned Teeth

The smart, streamlined structure of iBraces makes them an ideal choice for many people with crooked or unevenly spaced teeth. Although we do not recommend them for people with serious bite problems, they might be just the solution for you and your unique dental needs.

Braces That Keep You Smiling Even As You Wear Them

Because we place these braces behind your teeth, you can still have the same smile you have always had. The difference is that iBraces move your teeth into their proper position and alignment to make your smile straighter and more pleasing with each passing day. You never need to hide your smile, because these braces are completely hidden from view. You can face the world as confidently as ever from day one. No one else knows when you have the braces on your teeth or when you have them removed. At the end of your treatment period, you just might be the only one who knows the reason for your newly straightened teeth and improved smile.

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