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Alloderm Gum Grafting

gum grafting

Alloderm Gum Grafting

Are your gums receding below your natural gum-line? This seemingly innocent problem can impair your ability to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. It can also affect your appearance and make you want to hide your mouth. But our dentists can help you with this problem. Alloderm gum grafting is a proven procedure our dentist can use to effectively treat your gum recession.

Using Revitalized Donor Skin to Treat Your Gums

Alloderm gum grafts are a unique dental product we can use to create a gum-line that more closely resembles your own natural one. In the past, skin from the palate was used to fill in the recession with healthy tissue. However, this process was often painful, not only at the moment of treatment, but later on as well. Alloderm is a product made by removing some of the cells from donor skin to create new skin that regenerates naturally.

Relieving Tooth Root Sensitivity

The roots of your teeth can become sensitive when they are exposed to the environment inside your mouth. Hot and cold foods can cause them to twinge or ache, because no gums are there to protect them. Gum recession treatment with Alloderm provides your tooth roots with the protection they need, not only to feel better, but to be stronger and healthier as well.

Helping Prevent Tooth Decay

When your teeth are more deeply exposed to foods, acids and bacteria in your mouth, tooth decay can occur. By covering more of your teeth through Alloderm gum grafting, we can provide you with better protection against cavities and other types of decay in the roots of your teeth and below your natural gum line. When we finish with the procedure, your teeth can provide you with uninterrupted chewing power and stay safe and sound for the rest of your life.

Treating Mouth Injuries

When your gums are injured, you are in pain every time you chew. Whether the injury occurred on the football field or on the highway, you need to get treatment as quickly as possible. We can give you the first available appointment to correct the problem by grafting donor skin onto gum tissue that is pushed down or torn due to an accident.

Avoiding Bone Loss

Your gums serve many practical purposes for your oral health. One is to protect the bones that support your teeth. If your gums have receded drastically, getting Alloderm gum grafts can help you avoid any bone loss that might threaten your dental health.

Giving You a More Appealing Smile

Do you ever feel older than you are when you look at your gums in the mirror? Many people with receding gums have the same experience. Treatment with Alloderm helps you reconnect with your younger self.

Besides the appearance of aging, receding gums can diminish the appeal of an otherwise brilliant smile. Receding gums are just not attractive. With Alloderm gum graft material, your dentist can restore the beauty of pink, healthy gums without the pain of more invasive procedures.

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