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Protect Your Damaged Tooth With A Dental Crown

dental crown

Protect Your Damaged Tooth With A Dental Crown

Nothing protects your damaged tooth better than a dental crown. It’s a dental cap that fully wraps a damaged tooth to restore its aesthetics, function and structure. Dental technologists craft dental crowns in their laboratory using ceramic or porcelain materials.   

While there are other options in restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, more patients still prefer dental crowns. A dental crown procedure is less invasive and cost-efficient. Moreover, it covers a wide range of dental issues.

Dental cases that need a dental crown


You may have encountered one of these dental concerns. You can let go a sigh of relief now, knowing that dental crowns can resolve these oral health issues.

Fractured tooth

Your tooth can be severely fractured due to maxillofacial injuries and a dental crown can save it. It causes you pain and discomfort when you left a fractured tooth untreated. In order to save it, your tooth needs a crown to strengthen the remaining structure. Moreover, this treatment will stop the possibility of causing more dental fractures and infection.

Cover an ill-shaped or discolored tooth

You can also opt for a dental crown procedure to enhance a poorly-shaped or discolored tooth. A porcelain crown is an ideal option so you can give your smile a boost. Only a portion of your tooth is removed so that a crown fits in to cover the tooth’s imperfections. It is polished and trimmed so that it blends well with your natural teeth.

dental crown procedure


Cap off an implant

A dental crown is also necessary to complete your dental implant restoration. An implant is a dental screw placed inside your gums to act as a tooth root. This replaces a missing tooth and prevents teeth movement and malocclusion. A screw emerges above your gum line and needs to be covered with a crown for a full tooth restoration.

Damaged tooth due to cavity

A tooth that’s greatly damaged by cavity needs to be trimmed down to remove the diseased tissues. Sometimes the damage is extensive that a dental filling could no longer cover and protect the tooth. In this dental case scenario, the dentist will proceed with the dental crown procedure to finish the job.

Hold a tooth bridge

A conventional dental bridge is an artificial tooth that needs two dental crowns on each side to hold it in place. The natural teeth in between the gap, also called as the abutment teeth, are trimmed and covered with crowns. Then the bridge is attached to the crown to completely restore a missing tooth.

Don’t let go of your precious teeth even though they’re damaged. See your Toronto dentist and ask about dental crowns to save your teeth from extraction.

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