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The 4 Common Lumineers Teeth Side Effects

lumineers teeth side effects

The 4 Common Lumineers Teeth Side Effects

Let’s be real, hearing stories about how patients received inconsistent results from undergoing dental procedures is scary. Even thinking about the lumineers teeth side effects would make you think twice about undergoing the procedure. However, hundreds of success stories would tell you why these dental laminates are the most commonly accepted dental veneers today. However, what does it have that regular dental veneers lack?

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are well-known cosmetic teeth veneers that are thinner than regular dental veneers. Also, these are a type of dental laminates that help restore and enhance the shape and shade of your natural teeth.

What makes it the top choice for most patients is that it barely requires the patient to undergo odontoplasty. It is the process of adjusting a patient’s tooth length, size or even shape. Since patients require very minimal to no teeth trimming, patients will be able to save most of their teeth enamel.

The reason behind it lies in the thinness of its shells. Its laminate is only at 0.2mm while the traditional veneers are usually 0.5mm. Traditional laminates generally has a thickness of 0.5mm and these require more dental trimming compared to traditional veneers.

Like any other treatment, Lumineers teeth side effects also exist. Although Lumineers are ideal for patients who want to perfect their smile, there are still possibilities of experiencing side effects. Knowing these common complications is crucial to help you make an informed decision before undergoing the treatment.

Common Lumineers teeth side effects

lumineers teeth side effects

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common side effect of regular cosmetic teeth veneers. In some cases, your dentist may need to remove a small portion of your tooth enamel when dealing with stain or cracks. This might result in slight sensitivity on your teeth, especially with hot or cold foods or beverages.


Some irregularities may happen after the dentist installs the dental laminates. There’s a high chance that highly pigmented food may stain the edges of your Lumineers. If this happens, you may call your local dentist to have the shade of your Lumineers readjusted or change the laminates altogether. Doing so will help alleviate any Lumineers teeth side effects that may have occurred.

Gum irritation

Your gum tissues usually take a few days to adjust to your newly installed Lumineers. During this period, you may experience some gum inflammation or discomfort. However, you should not worry about it because your dentist will check it during your scheduled post-operative check-up before it causes any problem.

Proper placement

Possibilities of decay and chipping may still happen to your natural teeth. If this happens, your cosmetic teeth veneers may have some placement issues causing the laminates to protrude or overhang. This may lead to biting problems and gum irritation. In some cases, the edges of the Lumineers may also wound your tongue. In this situation, the best solution is to immediately visit your dentist for dental laminates repair or replacement.

Are you the right candidate for dental Lumineers?

Patients with deep teeth discolouration and cracks may need to consider other treatments to enhance their smile. There are different treatment options of cosmetic dentistry in Toronto, Ontario that’s suitable for your dental condition. One option is to treat the affected area with traditional veneers. Your dentist will remove the stain by either trimming or filing the affected teeth.

Fortunately, the chances of having these complications are rare. If you think about it, even its benefits far outweigh the side effects of wearing veneers. Dental veneers are an excellent way to restore your teeth’s appearance. It gives you that beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. However, it is imperative that you discuss this with your dentist to ensure that the dental lumineer procedure suits you best. To know more about the treatment and its cost, contact your local dentist today.

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