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Top 5 Reasons Why Ceramic Dental Implants Are The Best

ceramic dental implants

Top 5 Reasons Why Ceramic Dental Implants Are The Best

Ceramic dental implants are one of the most sought-after restorative options that’s recommended by dentists. This treatment replaces your missing tooth by attaching a ceramic root in your jawbone. The main difference between a ceramic and a traditional dental implant is the material used for the tooth’s root replacement. The traditional implant uses a metal screw instead of ceramic.

Although, these implants use different components, the purpose of both ceramic and metal implants are the same. This treatment aims to restore the function of your compromised tooth while bringing back your smile and confidence.

What are ceramic dental implants?

A ceramic tooth implant procedure is a restorative solution for patients who want to get a permanent tooth replacement. These implants are attached to your jawbone which means they are not removable as compared to dentures. Your Toronto dentist attaches this screw-like prosthesis to your jawbone which will act as the root of your implant. Topping the dental screw will be a dental crown that’s made of either porcelain, ceramic, or even gold. The crowns are made to exactly match the shape and colour of your natural teeth.

Why should you choose ceramic dental implants?

Ceramic dental implants or also known as zirconia implants are becoming more popular in the world of dentistry. One of the reasons why zirconia implants are so popular is due to the good interactions of the materials to the bone and gums. This is a good and holistic option for patients who want an implant that will boost their overall health. Many patients prefer zirconia over the traditional titanium implants. With these factors, there is now a growing popularity of this tooth implant procedure.

Aesthetically pleasing

Titanium dental implants can sometimes result in an aesthetic issue. This is common for patients who experience gum recession or those with thin gums. The titanium dental implants appear grey when attached to the bone and gums. Zirconia, on the other hand, is not metal and is white in colour which provides you with a more natural looking smile.


Traditional titanium implants consist of two metal pieces joined together using a fixation screw. Putting these materials in extreme pressure can move the pieces which result in pockets that lead to bacteria to thrive in the gumline. Ceramic dental implants are made from a one-piece simple design which eliminates the movement issue of metal screws. These components will not shift, so infection is less of a concern.

Allergic reactions

Choosing titanium implants may lead to bigger problems with patients who have allergic reactions to metals. They may display some allergic reactions after the surgical procedure, which may lead to an implant failure and bone loss. Zirconia dental implants are hypoallergenic which eliminates sensitivity and allergy issues.



ceramic dental implants

A ceramic tooth implant procedure ensures that the ceramic screw is extremely strong and durable. Its long term success is one of the most selling point of this ceramic implant treatment. It’s designed to withstand the strong biting force and is known for its superior strength and stability.


Metal implants such as titanium are known to corrode when placed in the mouth. This process is also accelerated if the patient is wearing other metal dental appliances. It also speeds up with the presence of fluoride which attacks the surface of the metal implant. The ceramic material is biocompatible, hence, these concerns are less of an issue. This substance is resistant to corrosion and does not trigger chemical reactions.

Knowing these advantages would help you decide to have your ceramic implants to fill the gap of that missing teeth. Visit your local dental office today and find out how you can get started with this surgical procedure.

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