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Top 3 Reasons Why Ceramic Braces Are The Best Orthodontic Option

Sample ceramic braces

Top 3 Reasons Why Ceramic Braces Are The Best Orthodontic Option

Having braces at a later point in your life can be awkward. Many patients avoid wearing them due to being too visible and obvious. Although there is no age requirement when braces can be applied to a patient, it could be embarrassing during adulthood. If you have been needing this treatment but want to avoid the attention, then ceramic braces are for you.

With the advancement in dentistry, now you can straighten your teeth and avoid being too “in your face” about it. This treatment uses translucent brackets that makes it almost invisible to the eyes. Ceramic braces in Toronto, Ontario provides this option to discreetly align or straighten your teeth.

Do ceramic braces function like traditional braces?

Yes, they have the same function and purpose to help straighten the patient’s teeth, giving him a beautiful smile. The difference between clear ceramic braces and traditional metal braces is that the former’s bracket matches the colour of your natural teeth. Unlike the traditional braces that use metal as brackets, clear braces use ceramic which is translucent enough to be unnoticeable. This is the reason why, more orthodontists recommend ceramic braces to their patients.

Are ceramic braces suitable for all orthodontic cases?

Your dentist will check your teeth if ceramic aligners is suitable for you. He starts the procedure with an oral prophylaxis to ensure that your teeth are free from plaque. Then, all throughout your treatment, you’ll have series of regular dental check-up in order to monitor and adjust your braces. The duration of the orthodontic treatment will depend on how severe the alignment issues are.

Clear braces might not be applicable to you if you have serious teeth misalignment. Your dentist will recommend that you have metal braces for this situation. This is because the metal brackets can apply more force to initiate the movement and adjustment of your teeth. Now, let’s talk about the benefits of clear ceramic braces to your teeth.

The benefits of having ceramic braces

1. Clearness.

The shape of the clear braces is similar to the one you see on traditional metal braces. However, the brackets are translucent making it less noticeable to the naked eye. If your dentist puts a clear or tooth-coloured wire to complement the brackets, it will be almost invisible.

There are possibilities of staining the brackets with food and drinks such as coffee, tea and other coloured substance. So, proper oral care is a must to protect the clearness of your ceramic braces.

ceramic braces brackets

2. Durability.

Clear braces are made from alumina compounds which are strong and non-porous. It makes the brackets durable and hard to damage like the metal ones. Your orthodontist can make the archwire frosted, silver or white to blend even better on your clear brackets. This also acts as the backbone of the brackets that force your teeth to move to their proper places.

3. Convenience

Since clear braces use smaller brackets than metal braces, they take less space of your front teeth. These smaller brackets are still sturdy and resilient to force. They are easier to remove by your orthodontist after the treatment has been concluded.

Bonding agents used in metal braces can be hard on your teeth. They sometimes cause some damage to your teeth’s enamel. However, with clear ceramic braces, the bonding compound used does not demineralize your teeth’s enamel. This makes the removal of the brackets easier after the treatment.

Clear braces are a breakthrough in dentistry which straightens the teeth discreetly. This treatment is just like Invisalign which uses clear mouth trays to align your teeth. The advantage of clear dental braces is that you can get it with almost half the price of an Invisalign.

To know more about the cost of this treatment, you can always visit your dentist or book an appointment with them. You can also get yours today to get your teeth aligned and to know more about clear braces.

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